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Masai x Danish Red Cross

Empowering women

Masai is partnering with Danish Red Cross and contribute to their humanitarian work through our take back program and through yearly donations.


Engaging with important issues that are not necessarily fashion-related or fashionable, such as our partnership with the Danish Red Cross, is also part of our mission to act thoughtfully. Our annual donation contributes to empowering and strengthening women, giving them the chance of a better life both in Denmark and around the world. We believe in the strength of all women – this is, and always will be, an inspiration to us.

Pass on the joy

That’s the message of the cooperation between Masai and the Danish Red Cross. In an effort to further prolong the life cycle of the Masai garments already in our customers’ wardrobes, Masai has established a return system in our local Masai stores, enabling customers to return their pre-loved Masai garments, which are then passed on to the Red Cross for reselling in their shops. The clothing donations are accompanied by annual donations from Masai to support Red Cross humanitarian initiatives – both in Denmark, e.g. Action against Loneliness, and across the world.


Carina Simons

Carina Simons has always followed her heart, in both her life choices and her career. This led to her joining the Red Cross, where she is currently managing the Red Cross recycling department, raising money for the most vulnerable groups in Danish society.